The Air Purifier Preferred by Australia’s Hospitals

With the continued spread of airborne viruses, health facilities must take every precaution to ensure the safety of their staff and patients through air filtration to minimise further health risks.

Trusted by leading hospitals and clinics throughout Australia, the INOVA Virus Series air purifiers are the market-leading choice for air purification in clinical environments, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, waiting rooms and dental practices.

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The air purifier of choice at the height of the COVID pandemic

We proudly supported the medical sector through the COVID pandemic, supplying over 7,500 systems to hospitals, GP clinics and hotel quarantine locations across Australia to protect against the spread of the infection. 

Specifically designed to remove aerosol-based viral and bacterial contaminants, our air purifiers don’t compromise when delivering safe, clean air for staff and patients. And it’s why we remain the air purifier of choice for many of Australia’s leading hospitals and medical facilities.

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Cleanest Air

Our medical-grade H13 HEPA filters offer the most efficiency of all systems. Used by health facilities at the height of COVID-19 and remains the trusted choice for health facilities.

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Best Filtration

With the largest activated carbon filters, our purifiers offer the best air filtration. Each filter contains kilograms of activated carbon, more than any other purifier on the market

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Longest Lasting

Our air purifying units are a lasting investment in clear air. Constructed from aluminium and steel and backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty that is at least 3 years longer than others.

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

Plastic-free, chemical-free, aluminium powder-coated construction allows for easy wipe-down and disinfection of external surfaces with any ethanol-based alcohol cleaning agent.



INOVA Air Purifiers have been proudly Australian-owned and manufactured for over 20 years. This ensures quick and reliable support and filter replenishment when needed. 

Quiet and Portable

Quiet and Portable

The Directional High-Flow™ air diffuser provides superior airflow and quiet operation. Systems can easily be moved from room to room on wheels for further convenience with wall-mounted units available.

We are proud to have supported Australians through recent health crises. Our air purifiers helped those who struggled to breathe through the intense 2019-2020 bushfire season. We also supported hospitals, GP clinics and hotel quarantine locations with air purification to protect against the spread of the infection.

Trusted by Australia’s leading brands

  • INOVA Customer | Wesfarmers
  • INOVA Customer | RMIT University
  • INOVA Customer | The Alfred
  • INOVA Customer | NSW Health

Wollongong Hospital upgraded its Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department and COVID wards

In preparation for the height of the pandemic, Wollongong Hospital upgraded its Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department and COVID wards to manage the growing COVID crisis better. Dr Trevor Gardner, who was part of the Wollongong Hospital COVID Taskforce, shares more about the upgrades in the video below, which included the INOVA E300H Air Purifier being used.

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The no-compromise air purification system for healthcare

In hospitals and healthcare environments, air purification shouldn’t be an afterthought. In addition to offering the highest level of medical-grade air filtration, Inova Purifiers is one of the only manufacturers to use steel filter casings with air tight seals to ensure system efficiency is maintained for the life of the filter, essential in infection control environments.

Breathe easy knowing that the INOVA Virus Series air purifier is protecting workers and patients in healthcare facilities.

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Designed for preventative and assistive healthcare

Every feature of the INOVA Virus Series air purifier is designed to prevent the development of illnesses and diseases and to support those with allergies or sicknesses in accessing the highest degree of clean air possible. 

Individual certification of each system through a calibrated, Met One, ISO-compliant laser particle counter ensures they meet or exceed the stated efficiency, providing you with greater peace of mind.

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