An Air Purifier manufacturer with a difference

InovaAir is an Australian-owned company that for more than a decade has engineered and manufactured air purifiers for home, commercial and industrial use. InovaAir purifiers are built in a modern factory on the pristine NSW Central Coast, one hour north of Sydney.

InovaAir has an uncompromising approach to building the world’s best air purifiers, with airtight seals that are guaranteed 100% leak-free. The company is committed to using Australia-made components wherever possible. If components must be sourced from overseas, they are always the very best available. 

Over the years InovaAir has developed an enviable reputation for the quality and performance of its unique range of air purifiers. InovaAir purifiers are built to operate for decades, to be easy to service, to have filters that are easy to replace, to work quietly, effectively and efficiently and to dramatically improve the lives of those who use them. 

InovaAir purifiers contain no harmful chemicals and are essential for people with allergies and asthma, and for anyone who wants to remove harmful pollutants from the air they breathe. 

InovaAir has a strong commitment to research and development, and continuous improvement is the hallmark of its products. InovaAir’s scientifically proven air cleaning technologies really work and performance can be certified with a laser particle counter. 

The company’s success is based on customer satisfaction. InovaAir’s philosophy is to make products that exceed customer expectations, offering high-efficiency air purification solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of customers. 

Peace of mind is included with every InovaAir purifier at no extra cost.