The best air purifiers on the market to minimise virus transmission.

The global pandemic has made us all more conscious of the importance of protecting ourselves and others from spreading viruses. Whether at home or in the workplace, we need to take every precaution to minimise the risk of infection.

viruses and bacteria viruses and bacteria

A silent and invisible enemy.

Silent and invisible, it can be hard to know what viruses and bacteria are circulating within the air you are breathing. Viruses can survive in the air for several hours and easily spread in closed settings like homes, offices, schools, childcare centres, and hospitals.

inova air purifier in waiting room

INOVA Virus Series

inova air purifier in hospital room
There is a reason hospitals and healthcare facilities across Australia trust INOVA Virus Series Air Purifiers.

The air purifiers that are trusted by Australia’s leading healthcare facilities.

Largest medical-grade HEPA filter

High-capacity Activated Carbon filtration

Efficiency of up to 99.97% at 0.003 microns

Filters contain 30-70% more filtration media than other brands

Individually certified using a calibrated, Met One, ISO-compliant laser particle counter

What does that mean for you?

Most effective

Most effective

Biggest filter

Biggest filter

Longest filter life

Longest filter life

Lowest ongoing operating costs

Lowest ongoing operating costs

We are proud to have supported Australians through recent health crises. Our air purifiers helped those who struggled to breathe through the intense 2019-2020 bushfire season. We also supported hospitals, GP clinics and hotel quarantine locations with air purification to protect against the spread of the infection.

Trusted by Australia’s leading brands.

Best suited for the following applications

Because of their effectiveness and efficiency, the INOVA Virus Series Air Purifiers are best suited for the following environments:

Small investment, big impact.

Wollongong Hospital over 200 bought Burnett Institute during the height of Covid: knew we provided the best product on the market

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