The Benefits of INOVA Air Purifiers Technology

Comprehensive and customised air-purifying solutions

INOVA doesn’t build air purifiers with a one-size-fits-all approach. We build air purifiers that are uniquely suited to your specific needs, with each INOVA air-purifying system offering the highest quality of air purification in the world.

Our customers never pay for filters they don’t need, as each system offers multiple filter options. The ability to add additional filters makes your air purifier even more effective at targeting environment-specific pollutants, offering customisation that enhances your air quality and gives you the best air purifier for your needs. 

Uncompromising attention to detail

When you’re building a product that protects the health of your customer, attention to detail is imperative.

Every detail of our system is designed and manufactured in Australia. Through the exclusive use of commercial-grade filters and materials, our filters are free from plastic, cardboard or polystyrene foam, offering filter materials that are singular in their ability to protect your health and reduce environmental impact.

Through the use of state-of-the-art, energy-saving German engineered fans, we bring pollutant-free clean air to the heart of your home with whisper-quiet efficiency.

INOVA: An air purifier built like no other

It’s in the small details that INOVA’s air purifiers outperform the competition.

Here’s just a sampling of where our solutions excel:

Traditional Air Purifiers

INOVA Air Purifiers

Less than 99.95% efficiency and HEPA filters that don’t meet H13 medical grade certifications*. Certified, guaranteed medical-grade efficiency of 99.95% @ 0.3 Microns. We deliver cleaner air with more effective dust and allergen removal across every purification setting.
No seals on filters. Sure Seal™ airtight seals on all filters. Benefit from zero leakage as all air passes through the filter, not around it, delivering guaranteed efficiency.
No pre-filters. Large, efficient pre-filters that extend the lifespan of HEPA and activated carbon filters. Save money with lowered operating costs.
Reduced quality plastic construction that results in noise and vibrations. All-steel manufacturing that’s designed for whisper-quiet performance suitable for all sleep environments.
Unsuitable for 24-hour operation. Unique German-engineered motors that achieve energy-efficient 24-hour operation, removing the risk of overheating and providing clean air protection around the clock.
Costly energy consumption and ongoing running costs. The lowest energy consumption rates relative to airflow and filtration efficiency. Delivers reduced running costs and a minimised environmental impact.
Ineffective in the amount of air they can filter. High-capacity fans filter a higher rate of air per hour, providing cleaner air in large and small areas alike.
A one-size-fits-all approach with no ability to customise filters. Customisable purification solutions with interchangeable filters, allowing the targeting of high-capacity dust, allergen and chemical removal. Higher quality of air purification through a customised filter solution for the needs of your environment.
Small, activated carbon filters that result in inadequate chemical removal. More activated carbon used per filter than any other residential air purifier (kilograms compared to grams!) resulting in the highest level of chemical pollutant removal and a longer filter life.
Ongoing costs due to frequent filter replacement needs. The largest filters of any residential air purifier and a 5-year lifespan on main filters results in the highest level of efficiency and long-term ongoing costs savings.
Problems accessing spare parts or new filters due to importer disruption over years to come. Australian-made filters and spare parts that are stocked locally, providing easy maintenance and support.
Filters made from cardboard, plastic or polystyrene foam. 100% steel filter casings resulting in no air leaks and chemical-free materials.
Difficulty changing filters. Intuitive stainless steel latches offer quick filter access, providing hassle-free filter changes.
Unserviceable designs = disposable air purifiers. Steel construction designed to last a lifetime. With fully serviceable designs, INOVA offers a lasting, lower long-term cost and environmentally-friendly investment.
Challenges with short motor lives, struggles to cycle air and an increased likelihood of burnout with forward-curved fans. German-engineered fans designed for 50,000+ hours of continuous operation, delivering high airflow for the long term.


*While most air purifiers contain HEPA-type filters, the large majority are not medical-grade. Medical-grade HEPA filters are built to a higher standard to provide air that is 99.95% @ 0.3 microns, requiring 100% airtight seals to achieve this. HEPA-type filters simply refer to the filter paper used inside the filter, but do not mean the air supplied is 99.95% clean. INOVA’s air-purifying systems are all certified at 99.95% @ 0.3 microns.