INOVA Air Purifiers 5 Year Warranty


In this warranty:
“ACL” refers to the Australian Consumer Law . “Back to Base” means where delivery to and collection of your product from the Service Agent is your responsibility. “Consumable” includes (without limitation) filters and pre-filters. “InovaAir® Australia” means InovaAir® Australia Pty Ltd ACN 103 549 435. “Factory Second” means a Product sold by InovaAir® Australia or any other authorised person as a ‘second’ meaning a product with a small imperfection that does not impede functioning. “Genuine” means manufactured by or on behalf of InovaAir® Australia. “Product” means a Genuine Product supplied new by InovaAir® Australia. “Purchase Date” means the date of first purchase from InovaAir® Australia or any other authorised person seller or distributor. “Any other authorised person” means a dealer, reseller or retailer of the Product. “Service Agent” means an authorized InovaAir® Australia service agent. “You” means the End User and “your” has a corresponding meaning.


Subject to these conditions, InovaAir® Australia Pty Ltd offers this Warranty on a Product to which it’s Back to Base service applies.

(1) This Warranty applies in addition to the conditions and warranties implied by the Act in relation to a Product.
(2) Any other authorized person who has sold a Product to you has acted as principal and has no authority to give any additional warranty or guarantee in relation to the Product on behalf of InovaAir® Australia.
(3) InovaAir® Australia will not be liable for any consequential loss, indirect or special damage arising from your use of the Product. In particular (but without limitation) InovaAir® Australia excludes any liability for actual or expected revenue loss or other loss.
NB. This exclusion is subject to any relevant Commonwealth or state law, which is intended to override such exclusions.
(4) In no event shall InovaAir® Australia, its agents, employees, or distributors be liable for special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages.
(5) The provisions of this warranty supersede and are in lieu of any other warranty, whether express or implied, written or oral, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
NB. This exclusion is subject to any relevant Commonwealth or state law, which is intended to override such exclusions.
(6) Maximum liability shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid for this product.
(7) This warranty is non-transferable.
(8) Should any of the conditions of the warranty be deemed unenforceable then same shall be severable from the balance of warranty conditions, which shall remain legally binding.

5 Year warranty

InovaAir® Australia warrants that your Product will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for five (5) year/s from your Purchase Date. One (1) year in commercial applications.

At its discretion, InovaAir® Australia will repair or replace your Product, if it is found be defective. InovaAir® Australia will, if it deems the unit defective, either repair or replace the unit at its sole option (and, based on availability, may elect to replace the unit with an air purifier of similar function or value).

To make a Warranty claim, you must:

  • First call InovaAir® Australia’s Contact Centre on 1 300 137 244;
  • Return the Product (if warranty service is required) in its original packaging (or suitable alternative) to a Service Agent, as discussed with the Contact Centre; and
  • Provide a copy of your purchase receipt, to show that this Warranty applies to your Product at the date of your claim.
  • You are responsible for the cost of and risk in delivery of your Product to and its collection from the Service Agent.

Warranty application

This Warranty applies only:

a. To a Product that is supplied new to You by InovaAir® Australia or by any other authorized person;
b. If you use the Product for your own private or business purposes; and
c. You have not bought the Product for resale.

Warranty exclusions

This Warranty will not apply if during the warranty period:

a. A Product’s serial number or any rating label is removed or changed in any way; This warranty shall immediately become void if the unit’s serial number label is removed, altered, or is no longer clearly legible;
b. A Product is repaired other than by a Service Agent;
c. You use a Product contrary to any technical or operating environment or safety guidelines recommended in its user guide or manual;
d. No fault found service calls where the perceived problem is explained within the Operating Manual or the trouble shooting section of the operating manual.
e. This Warranty does not cover costs associated with delivery, handling, freighting or damage to product in transit.
f. This Warranty does not apply to a Product’s malfunction or failure resulting from:

i. Deliberate or accidental damage;
ii. Rust or damage to paintwork, varnishes or seals caused by a corrosive atmosphere;
iii. Vermin infestation;
iv. Any modification by the purchaser which affects the reliability or performance of the unit, not attributable to faulty manufacture, parts and labour;
v. Where a unit is installed incorrectly by the purchaser or its servants agents employees or by unqualified persons;
vi. Failure is due to improper installation or faulty installation;
vii. Failure is due to improper maintenance by customer (refer to maintenance section of Operating Instructions);
viii. Misuse, abuse or neglect;
ix. Incorrect voltage or a power surge; or
x. Your use of any non-genuine Consumables parts accessories or interfacing;
xi. Failure to remove or replace out of date or non-functioning filter.

g. This warranty covers only manufacturing defects, and not normal wear and tear, including filters which are considered consumables.
h. InovaAir® does not warrant the Product as a health safety device. The product is not a Medical Device or Therapeutic Device as defined by the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.
i. All exclusions as determined by InovaAir® Australia at its sole discretion.
j. Filter life: InovaAir® does not warrant the useful life of filter consumables. The filter consumables working life will depend entirely on the environments in which it is used. In dusty environments filter life will be reduced. The Products and their filters are not intended to be used for dust extraction in industrial or commercial applications.

Non-genuine items

InovaAir® Australia advises that if you use non-Genuine Consumables, replacement parts or accessories, you may damage your Product and may void your warranty.

Australian Consumer Law

In addition to your rights under the InovaAir® guarantee, we also provide the following statement as required by the Australian Consumer Law: In Australia, your InovaAir® appliance comes with statutory guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have your InovaAir® appliance repaired or replaced if it fails to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.