INOVA DE20 in Black finish in a Dining Room
INOVA DE20 in Black finish in a Dining Room
  • The Essential Clean Air Investment

INOVA DE20 Air Purifier in a living room next to a couch
INOVA DE20 Air Purifier in a living room next to a couch
  • Built Like No Other Air Purifier

The Best Medical-Grade Air Purifiers in Australia

Clean air is essential, not a luxury. Due to pandemics and bushfires, air purifiers are now crucial for every home. Buildings often let in pollutants like dust, mould spores, VOCs, and harmful chemicals. Everyday items like plastics, furniture, and paint also emit noxious fumes, contributing to indoor air pollution.

Your home is your sanctuary, so ensure the air you breathe is pure. INOVA air purifiers are designed to address these issues. Built in Australia with high-quality materials and filters, they come with a 5-year warranty. Invest in INOVA for healthier living spaces.

INOVA was founded in 2003 when allergy sufferer Nicholas Kraus couldn’t find a true HEPA air purifier that relieved his allergy symptoms. Now, INOVA manufactures the best air purifiers in Australia providing unmatched protection and the cleanest indoor air quality.

The cleanest air you’ll ever breathe

Decrease pollen and allergens

Decrease pollen and allergens.

Eliminate mould spores and mycotoxins

The HEPA filter removes mould spores and mycotoxins.

Minimise the spread of viruses

Minimise the spread of viruses.

Remove pet dander and odours

Remove pet dander and odours.

Reduce dust and dust mites

Reduce dust and dust mites.

Eradicate smoke and pollutants

Eradicate smoke and pollutants.

Reduce Respiratory Disorders

Reduce respiratory disorders.

Improve Mood

Improve your mood.

Improve sleep quality

Improve sleep quality.

Family Playing next to an INOVA DE20 Air Purifier
Our passion for high-quality air purification impacts every element of our product development and manufacturing. Each of our high efficiency, variable fan speed systems are made by hand from the highest quality, safe materials.

When it comes to health, you deserve only the best

Breathe the cleanest air

Cleanest Air

Our medical-grade H13 HEPA filters offer the most efficiency of any system. Used by health facilities across Australia at the height of COVID-19.

INOVA has the largest filters

Best Filtration

Our air purifiers feature the largest HEPA and activated carbon filters on the market. The bigger the filter, the better the air filtration.

INOVA has the longest lasting filters

Longest Lasting

Each of our air purifying units are constructed from aluminium and steel, feature quiet operation and are backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty.

Mother kissing a baby next to an INOVA DE20 Air Purifier.

Australia’s #1 air purifier for allergies, asthma and airborne pollutants.


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Years in Business

INOVA Purifiers is proud to be Sensitive Choice approved since 2013

Sensitive Choice | National Asthma Council of Australia

The INOVA Purifiers Story

Nicholas Kraus demonstrating an INOVA HEPA Filter

Choosing the best air purifier for you

INOVA air purifiers are used by a wide range of people for a wide range of reasons. To help you find the right system for you, select the application or requirement that best suits you.

How INOVA Purifiers are Made

INOVA Air Purifiers being manufactured. Powder coating Line.

How does an INOVA air purifier compare with others?

Traditional air purifiers

INOVA air purifiers

Less than 99.97% efficiency and HEPA filters that don’t meet H13 medical grade certifications*.

Certified, guaranteed medical-grade efficiency, filtering 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. We deliver cleaner air with more effective removal of dust, allergens, dust mites and harmful pollutants.

No seals on filters.

Sure Seal™ airtight seals on all filters. Benefit from zero leakage as all air passes through the filter, not around it, delivering guaranteed efficiency.

No pre-filters.

Large, efficient pre-filters that extend the lifespan of HEPA and activated carbon filters. Save money with lowered operating costs.

Reduced quality plastic construction that results in noise and vibrations.

All-steel manufacturing that’s designed for whisper-quiet performance suitable for all sleep environments.

Unsuitable for 24-hour operation.

Unique German-engineered motors that achieve energy-efficient 24-hour operation, removing the risk of overheating and providing clean air protection around the clock.

Costly energy consumption and ongoing running costs.

The lowest energy consumption rates relative to airflow and filtration efficiency. Delivers reduced running costs and a minimised environmental impact.

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We are proud to have supported Australians through recent health crises. Our air purifiers helped those who struggled to breathe through the intense 2019-2020 bushfire season. We also supported hospitals, GP clinics and hotel quarantine locations with air purification to protect against the spread of COVID-19 and airborne infections.

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