Seven Reasons to Choose INOVA Air Purifiers

We all know that clean air is a valuable commodity in the modern world. It promotes health and well-being and adds to our quality of life. INOVA is committed to improving indoor air quality by building the world’s best air purifiers.

close up view of hepa filter and carbon filter

1. An Air Purifier is only as good as the filters inside.

2. Australian-Made superior quality.

air purifier near white lounge with australian made symbol
close up of inova air purifier fan

3. Energy and cost-efficient design.

4. Operating noise levels

young boy sleeps with stuffed bear
inova de20 with airflow

5. Superior clean-zone airflow patterns.

6. Constructed with the highest quality, safe materials.

top front view of inova de20 air purifier
Sensitive Choice approved air purifiers

7. National Asthma Council of Australia's Sensitive Choice® program.