System                           Shipping price

E7                                           $25
E8                                           $30
E20                                        $35
E20 Plus                              $45

Location                         Delivery
Sydney                             1-2 days (see note below)
Melbourne                     1-2 days (see note below)
Brisbane                          1-2 days (see note below)
Adelaide                          2-3 days (see note below)
Perth                                  3-4 days (see note below) 


Due to the unprecedented demand with the bushfires there is a delay with delivery and lead times will vary (approximately 5 weeks). Please send us a message below for the most up to date information.

We value your business and will strive to get your order shipped ASAP. We know delays aren't good but it is worth the wait as many air purifiers on the market are ineffective against smoke, it's better to wait and get a system which will do the job with a high capacity activated carbon filter:

Additional prefilters ordered with air purification systems are shipped free of charge.

Order 2 prefilters online and get FREE shipping. FLAT RATE shipping on all replacement filters $10 Australia-wide. 

Deliveries to Western Australia and The Northern Territory may incur additional shipping charges. We will contact you if additional charges apply.