Tips for getting the most out of your INOVA Air Purifier

Always operate the system with windows closed.

Air purifiers are not designed to filter the great outdoors, like an air conditioner or heater leaving a window open will render the system ineffective. Use of evaporative coolers will also reduce effectiveness.

Operate the system 24/7.

As dust, allergens, and chemicals are always present in the air, for maximum effectiveness you should operate the system continuously. By switching the system off you are only allowing these contaminants to build up in the interim until it is switched back on. INOVA systems are designed for optimal energy efficiency – so don’t be concerned about power consumption as this will barely be noticeable on an electricity bill.

Decide where you need clean air the most.

Typically for allergy and asthma sufferers, use while sleeping will be an important part of how you use your air purifier. If you have a high-capacity system with adequate coverage, it can be moved between living areas during the day and the bedroom at night. Operation for 15-30mins on high speed will dramatically reduce the bulk of airborne particulates when moving into a new room.

Enclose the area where you are operating the system.

If you close a bedroom door the system will be much more effective as it will only be filtering air in the one room. If you move to larger areas, if possible, close off surrounding areas to maintain clean air in that space. E7 and E8 models are designed primarily for bedroom use, while the high capacity E20 and DE20 models are designed to cover large living areas and be moved to bedrooms for night-time use.

Operate at the highest speed you are comfortable with.

All INOVA systems include variable speed controls, and the speed should be varied depending on the room size, the level of air pollutants present and the sensitivity of the individual. The higher the operating speed the more effective the system will be, as the purifier will be filtering the air more times every hour resulting in lower levels of particles and certain chemicals. When operating smaller systems in larger areas, increase the operating speed to enable the system to filter the air more effectively.

Activated carbon filters.

While they are highly efficient at removing chemicals and odours, if you have high levels of any chemicals or odours, they will absorb these from the air quickly and the filter life will be reduced. If you want to prolong the life of the activated carbon filter, you should turn the system off while cooking or if there are any heavy transient odours.

Check your pre-filters regularly for dust build-up.

We recommend that you check your pre-filter after every three months of operation to visually inspect the level of dust build-up. Pre-filters typically last between 3 to 6 months based on average dust levels in a home environment. If the levels of dust in your home are high due to external factors such as living near a main road, you may need to change your filters more regularly. Change of filter colour alone from white to grey does not indicate the filter needs changing, rather a thick dust layer does. Do not vacuum or wash pre-filters, they are made from very high-efficiency material which is not designed for vacuuming or washing. These actions will damage the pre-filter and reduce the life of the HEPA filter by allowing dirt to pass through.

Know when to change your main filters.

The HEPA filter will require replacement when the outside, the side immediately visible underneath the pre-filter, changes colour from white to dark grey – this typically takes some years to occur as long as you have maintained and changed your pre-filter on a regular basis. Activated carbon filters, when saturated with chemicals or odours, will leave the air tainted with an odour. If the air coming out of your purifier develops any sort of noticeable odour, the carbon filter may require replacement.

Positioning your INOVA system.

There are two main points to consider: where you spend your time and where the main pollutants are. The longer you keep your INOVA in a single room, the cleaner the air in that room will be. As with a heater or air conditioner, the INOVA purifier will only be effective if windows are closed during operation.

Your INOVA system works best when it has plenty of unrestricted airflow around it. It is also important to make sure the Air Purifier has easy access to a power outlet as long cords can be a tripping hazard and may result in damage to the unit should it be knocked over.

Pre-filters changes.

when changing the pre-filter, it is best to remove the HEPA filter with the pre-filter intact and take outside so no dust is released in your environment.
If not practical to do so you can simply place a large garbage bag over the entire HEPA filter/pre-filter and remove the pre-filter inside the bag.