Clean, safe air for childcare facilities.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic air hygiene in every indoor space is now under review. Studies have shown that HEPA air purifiers significantly reduce the incidence of COVID-19 transmission in indoor spaces.

Horsley Kids, an Early Childhood Centre in western Sydney, have been using INOVA air purifiers to create a safer environment since 2012.

Maurice Speranza, Managing Director at Horsley Kids, started thinking about air quality in 2012 as a way to reduce transmission of colds and flu and create the safest space possible for children and staff.

“When looking at what was available on the market at the time we chose INOVA purifiers because they were a higher quality alternative to the ones available in stores and were Australian made. It turned out to be the right choice. We run them 24/7 and almost 10 years later they are still going.”

When the Delta strain hit, Horsley Kids ordered another 3 air purifier systems to cover larger areas.

“Air hygiene is now more important in a day care setting than it was when we chose to install air purifiers. Besides reducing the risk of the spread of airborne viruses they helped us improve air quality when the 2019 bushfires hit. The carbon filters removed the smoke and freshened the air, keeping our indoor air acceptable.” Says Maurice.

Each INOVA system utilises a high-efficiency pre-filter to capture dust but more importantly, a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter to capture airborne aerosols, viruses, bacteria, pollens, allergens, and mould spores. INOVA systems are so effective at particle filtration, they are currently being used in COVID wards in hospitals across the country, specifically to reduce the risk of airborne COVID aerosols.

Maurice mentions “Our staff at Horsley Kids feel safer having the air purifiers running in each of the indoor spaces. We have also had parents comment on the systems, saying that they have helped to put their minds at ease having their children play and learn in an environment where air hygiene is front of mind”

INOVA’s founder and owner Nicholas Kraus says, “Indoor air quality has always been important, however, with the current situation with the pandemic as well as the ongoing bushfire threat, we have found people are not just considering their air quality, they are now taking action for the safety of their staff and clients as well as themselves.”