Air Purifier Review Sites: Can You Trust Them?

Key Points

  • Like with many appliances, most air purifier reviews and blogs are based on affiliate selling meaning they have the intention of making money with click-through referral selling
  • Australia has the highest rate of affiliate marketing spend by companies in the world 
  • InovaAir doesn’t pay for referrals or engage in affiliate marketing
  • Majority of review sites are given free product and or commissions for recommending them, this includes review videos on youtube, Facebook and Instagram 
  • Typical air purifiers that you read about on these websites are the mass-marketed products readily available at appliance stores. Selection is based on well-known brands, not the best products
  • The consumer needs to make up their own mind based on their needs when making a selection, review sites can lead to poor product choice.

Referral Rewards

If you ever wonder why people go to great effort to review products and produce professional-looking content and videos, the answer is it's a profitable business in itself. 

Review sites always link to the products they are discussing which makes it convenient for the reader, but also if a purchase is made through that link, then the writer gets what’s called a referral fee. Therefore, the reviewer is more likely to recommend popular and well-known products or brands in order to get the highest amounts of profit. 

Affiliate Marketing

This whole process is called Affiliate Marketing. Using sites that are affiliated with your brand to increase traffic on your website. According to a survey done by Rakuten Affiliate Network in 2016, this industry will grow to over 6.8 Million USD over the next 5 years. Meaning by next year affiliate marketing could be an almost 7 Billion USD industry.

More and more product manufacturers are pouring their money into this form of marketing in order to increase website traffic and brand awareness. An industry study was conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Australian Affiliate Marketing Working Group in late 2017 and gathered responses from 102 advertisers and 20 agencies about their future plans for market spend in this industry. It established Australia has the highest percentage of affiliate marketing in the world. 


Affiliate Marketing


When you google the phrase “write reviews for Amazon and get paid,” several articles explaining the exact process can be found. Amazon has banned these types of product reviews, yet it is still occurring. 

How to choose an air purifier that's right for you

  1. Do not make a decision to buy an air purifier on the basis of a review site.
  2. Research by comparing specifications provided by manufacturers of the air purifiers you are considering. Specifications should include details like filter efficiency, filter size/volume, recommended replacement filter intervals, warranty, energy consumption.
  3. What to look for in the specifications: filter size, any reputable air purifier manufacturer will list the size of the filters. For a HEPA filter, this will be measured in m2, for a carbon filter volume in grams or kilograms. Remember an air purifier is only as good as the filters inside. Small filters mean less airflow, will clog faster with dust, lower efficiency and in the case of a carbon filter lower removal rates of volatile organic compounds.
  1. Look for a system with a filter which meets either European or US industry filter efficiency standards, most home air purifiers are not made to meet these standards as certified filters are more expensive to manufacture. This is especially important if you are looking to purchase an air purifier for the filtering viruses, in which case you will want the highest efficiency you can obtain.
Filter Class (EN 1822) Filter Class (ISO 29463) Overall Efficiency (%)
E11 ISO 15 E ≥ 95
E12 ISO 25 E ≥ 99.5
H13 ISO 35 H ≥ 99.95
H14 ISO 45 H ≥ 99.995
U15 ISO 55 U ≥ 99.9995
U16 ISO 65 U ≥ 99.99995
U17 ISO 75 U ≥ 99.999995