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5 ways to protect yourself from bushfire smoke inhalation in your home

With Australia in the midst of an unprecedented bushfire emergency and so many towns and cities engulfed in smoke, it’s important to prevent smoke from entering your home, and and ensure you are equipped to filter it out of the air if it does infiltrate your home unexpectedly.

The problem with smoke inhalation is that it can cause serious breathing problems, as well as itchy eyes, sore throat, runny nose.

Children, the elderly, and people with heart and lung conditions are particularly sensitive to the effects of smoke inhalation.

Smoke inhalation can also trigger issues for people who might not be aware they’re sensitive, according to climate and population health expert Dr. Liz Hanna. Long-term exposure can cause lifelong problems with breathing, and greater susceptibility to coughs, colds and shortness of breath.

Here are five really simple things you can do to protect you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of smoke inhalation:

1. Keep all the windows and doors closed.

2. Avoid using exhaust fans in your bathroom, laundry and kitchen, because this will create negative pressure and draw in smoke from outside.

3. If you have an air conditioner – choose the “recycle” or “recirculate” functions to prevent the smoke coming in

4. Avoid other sources of smoke pollution in the home, like cigarettes, burning candles and wood-fired stoves.

5. Use an air purifier to help filter out any smoke that does make its way into my home.

Make sure you have an air purifier that has a medical grade HEPA filter and a high capacity activated carbon filter.

A HEPA filter removes ultra-fine particles from the air, while tightly packed carbon granules in the activated carbon filter removes the smoke and freshens the air as it passes through the system.

With high smoke levels, it’s important to operate your air purifier at the highest speed so that it clears the airborne particles and smoke vapours quickly.

Click here for information on choosing an air purifier system that’s right for your household:

We hope these tips help you and your loved ones breathe more easily during this particularly active bushfire season.