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AirClean E7 & E8 Series

Designed for bedrooms and smaller areas the AirClean E7 & E8 series offer medical-grade HEPA and high capacity carbon filters in a smaller footprint. The main difference between these units is the E8 includes a high capacity activated carbon that does a great job of filtering mould, volatile chemicals (VOC’s) and odours. Selecting the right system for your application is the key as different filters remove different contaminants from the air. Learn more.

Why Buy InovaAir? Here are 7 reasons why we are the market leader. Best of all, our systems are fully Australian Made.

  • AirClean E7 View AirClean E7
    AirClean E7 $595.00
  • AirClean E8 View AirClean E8
    AirClean E8 $725.00