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The best air purification system for your home or office will be determined by the space or room size that needs to be purified and the pollutants you need to remove from the air. 

At INOVA we build our Australian-made air purifiers using the largest commercial-grade H13 HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters for the highest removal efficiency of dust & allergens, viruses & bacteria, mould spores, sub-micron particles and aerosols.

The INOVA E8, E20 and DE20 air purifiers also offer the highest-capacity activated carbon filters with 6kg of granulated carbon to remove chemicals, gases, odours, volatile organic compounds & smoke. 

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Effective in areas up to 100m2. The INOVA-DE20 Air Purifier includes precise digital fan control, a 6kg heavy-duty activated carbon filter and real-time filter monitoring.                          ...
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Superior purification and protection

INOVA was founded in 2003 to deliver the very best in residential and commercial air purifiers.

We provide Australians at home, at work and in their communities with the highest quality of air purification products, designed to give each of our customers the protection they need to live each day to its fullest.

The INOVA difference

We believe quality is more than just a tagline.

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We believe quality is more than just a tagline.