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How InovaAir Manufactures Air Purifiers

Watch how InovaAir purifiers are made and the attention to detail which goes into each and every air purifier we build.
Air Purifier InovaAir e20
InovaAir E20; Australia’s leading home & commercial air purifier for serious dust, chemical and allergen removal. 
E7 System Overview
Watch an animated overview of the E7 system.
AirClean E20 PLUS

Take a tour of how the E20 Plus functions.
Wilson Family Case Study

Isabella Wilson is a young girl who suffers from chronic allergies & asthma. This video examines the before and after effects of using an InovaAir air purifier in the Wilson family home.
Zara reviews the E20 PLUS
Zara D'Cotta describes her experience with the InovaAir Airclean E20 PLUS system
Rod Marshdale's experience with InovaAir Purifiers

Rod Marshdale shares his experience using InovaAir air purifiers and the difference it made to his condition as a sufferer of cystic fibrosis.
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